What body platforms does GTS offer kits for?

Currently, GTS offers kits for A,B,C and E body Dodge/Plymouth/Chrysler cars.

Does the kit come complete and ready to install?

Yes, the kit comes complete from hub to hub with your choice of one of several brake kit options.  Kits are shipped with all required hardware and instructions with photos.

Do you offer a sway bar option?

Yes, the GTS does have a sway bar option.

Does the kit come with motor mounts?

Yes, the kit is complete with motor mounts.

Does the kit use factory spindles?

No, this kit is not compatible with the factory Mopar rear steer spindles. The GTS kit uses forged Mustang 2 spindles with an adjustable bump steer stud.

Can I flip the sides of the spindles and make them front steer and use them?

No, this would cause dangerous misalignment of the steering geometry that could result in an accident of some type.  The kit MUST use the supplied spindles.

What is the track width, hub to hub of the GTS kit?

The GTS kit has an adjustable track width.  The actual track width varies from model to model (A, B/E, C etc) as well as which brake kit.  Generally speaking, on an A body, it is adjustable from 58 to 61 inches. Suspension travel 6.5 inches at 58.5 in trackwidth.

How long does it take to install the GTS?

Varies on an individual basis, but typically less than half a day if you have the proper tools and an extra set of hands to help.

Is there any welding or drilling required to install the kit?

There is no drilling required.  There is, however, some cutting and grinding required to clearance for the upper control arms and to remove the factory bump stops.  The only welding is to weld the steering u joint to the steering shaft.  Also, if you choose to install the steering column bearing, there is some cutting there as well.

Are there any special tools required for the install?

No, the kit can be easily installed with simple and common hand tools.